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Windsor Slate

No more than 3% Wastage Guaranteed.

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European Test Report
BS EN 12326-1 : 2004 Product Conformity test for Roofing and external Cladding Slate.

“The Windsor Premium and The Balmoral Grey Slates” Passed all Tests, and were awarded The Highest Codes available A1, S1 and T1.

Reclaimed Welsh Slates

Reclaimed Welsh Slate.

Balmoral Grey Slate


established over 30 years

Reclaimed Slate

Reclaimed Slates in crates

Every Slate Hand Sorted, and Graded, by Roof Slates.

reclaimed slates

Reclaimed Welsh Slates.

Balmoral Grey Slate



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The Bitterness of Poor Quality Roof Slates, Remains long after the Sweetness of Low Prices



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All Slate Prices are Negotiable, and are Dictated by Supply and Demand.



coronation street picture 1 supplied the Slates for the New set of the most famous Street in the UK coronation street picture 2

12,000 - 24 x 14 Reclaimed Welsh Slate Supplied for Coronation Streets New Set.



Balmoral Grey Slate is The Architects Choice of Slate, and The Windsor Premium Roof Slate is a Quality Chinese Slate without the Premium Price.


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Only the best quality roofing slates supplied, at the best slate prices.


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